Interactive map of Mahi Pono-owned farmland located in the Central Maui area.  Please click on individual parcels to display TMK.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much land does Mahi Pono own?

    • Mahi Pono has 100% ownership of approximately 41,000 acres of land on Maui.  This includes all of the Central Maui farm lands shown in the map above, and several parcels located in North and East Maui.  Mahi Pono also owns a 50% interest in East Maui Irrigation Company (EMI).

  • Does Mahi Pono own the Paia Mill or Puunene Mill?

    • No, the ownership of both mills were retained by A&B.

  • Does Mahi Pono plan on developing any housing or commercial real estate projects? 

    • No, Mahi Pono will be primarily focused on farming, with a secondary alternative energy component to help support Maui’s green energy initiatives. 

  • Does Mahi Pono own any land formerly owned by Monsanto? 

    • Mahi Pono does not own any land formerly owned by Monsanto.

  • Is Monsanto a Lessee of Mahi Pono?

    • Monsanto is not a lessee of Mahi Pono.

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